Emily Waddell, Content Strategist and Web Messaging Consultant

2813 Kilgore Ave. Raleigh, NC 27607


Career Goals

I am an accelerated master’s student looking to forge a career in senior copywriting, communication design and content strategy. I have plenty of experience providing small, start-up companies the creative messaging they need to break into and disrupt the market. While pursuing my degree, I am looking for a way to express creativity, and dedication to the start-up and small business community, and keep nurturing my professional experiences.


  1. Programming languages
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Version Control
  4. Other Tools
  5. Soft Skills

Work Experience

Time Name Location Position Title Responsibilities Contact Info

Two years North Carolina State University Academic Success Center Raleigh, NC Lead Undergraduate and Graduate (Paid) Writing Consultant Formal training and hours of experience in writing allows me to generate adaptable, accessible and professional expert advice for students of any field - ranging from statistics to environmental science to business. o Established a network of returning students. o Versed the technicalities and formatting of documentation styles by discipline. Dr. Wendy VanDellon (919)-515-2011
4 mos. The Stewart Group Raleigh, NC Political Affairs and Public Policy Intern • Designed and executed social media campaigns on varied platforms. o Lead content production on two main blogs as well as Letter to the Editors and Op-eds on a daily basis. o Wrote and edited published legislative analysis in line with the firm’s messaging. o Leveraged analytics to monitor/measure responses to help improve engagement. Ginevra Joyce-Myers (607)-742-6887
4 mos. North Carolina State University Shelton Leadership Center Raleigh, NC Leadership Intern • Prepared and managed 5 separate week-long leadership courses. • Oversaw and managed database with 400+ entries by creating reports, forms, and queries. • Trained 60+ staff members in program and NC State policy. • Managed logistics to ensure a seamless experience for program participants. Tykori Saunders (336-657-5543)
Two years The Technician Newspaper, North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC News Writer Interviewed community members to produce bi-weekly 500+ word articles on news relevant to the campus and beyond. Ellen Meder (919)-215-6800


Time Institution Location Degree Earned
4 years NC State Raleigh, NC Political Science (Concentration: International Politics), English (Language, Writing, and Rhetoric


- Dean's List, 8 consecutive semesters, Spring 2021

- Magna Cum Laude, Spring 2021

Hobbies and Interests

- Cooking

- Learning new languages

- Spontaneous traveling

- Philosophy


Available upon request